EM3 International is A group of people just like you, who have come together to bring healing and hope to communities in medically deprived regions of Kenya. Our goal is to plan and implement 6 medical clinics in the Nyanza Province of Kenya from July 28th to August 12th, 2016.
EM3 International: A Medical Mission to Kenya
Medical Staff Volunteer InfoWe encourage all medical professionals to contact us and volunteer to join us in this Medical Mission. All health care professionals are welcome: medical doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, etc.
What We NeedOur Medical Mission to Kenya needs medicine, medical staff & your help. You can help us by volunteering, donating your time, making a monetary contribution, or simply by spreading the word about our critical medical mission to Kenya.
Help us Spread the WordIt is people like you who help us spread the word about this medical mission to Kenya.
Generous SponsorsA list of the generous Medical Teams, Corporate and Institutional Partners, Charities and other organizations that have partnered with EM3 International to help bring relief to Kenya.
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