Vaccines and Meds for Travelers 

Typical Vaccine/Med Recommendations for Travel to Kenya (Nairobi/Nyanza Province) Estimate compiled on October 5, 2011

  1. Some travelers (esp. doctors and nurses) may have access to the vaccinations at non-retail outlets.
  2. Some travelers may have health insurance coverage that may pay part or all of the cost of vaccinations.
  3. Some medical professionals may already have the Hepatitis A and B vaccination as a part of their profession.
  4. Some travelers who have prior international experience may not need some of the boosters.
  5. This estimate is not a prescription.  It is a general estimate of the retail cost for typical vaccines.

Each traveler must get individual medical advice and treatment.

 You can visit the CDC website to see the most current vaccination recommendations for travel to Kenya.

The information for this estimate was gathered on October 5, 2011 to assist volunteers in gathering a rough estimate of costs. Vaccine schedules can vary over time and vaccine providers are independent businesses so their prices are subject to change. EM3 has gathered this information to assist volunteers with travel preparation. EM3 does not provide medical advice or endorse a specific location or business from which to obtain vaccinations or travel medications.

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