Olivia, our medical mission Ambassador with the Honorable Mr. Raila Odinga"Jakom", prime minister of Kenya.

Olivia, our medical mission Ambassador with the Honorable Mr. Raila “Jakom” Odinga, prime minister of Kenya.



Olivia serves as the Youth Ambassador of Endless Mountain Mercy Mission International (EM3 International) since 2010. With compassion, vision and growing leadership abilities, she is actively developing the organizational foundations of an orphanage for Nyamarimba, in the Nyakach District of Kenya.

Born on July 3, 2002, Olivia lives with her parents in New Albany, Pennsylvania. She has pursued academic excellence in the A Beka home-school curriculum from kindergarten through 10th grade. She graduated from the Dove Hopewell Leadership and Ministry School in May of 2017. Developing civic responsibility and relational intelligence are an integral part of her holistic education strategy.

Olivia serves worship teams at Living Hope Fellowship as the leader of Visual Support. She encourages her peers enthusiastically at weekly youth group activities. She enjoys horseback riding and caring for her animals, and as a member of 4-H: sewing, goat, llama and chicken clubs, she refines practical skills that will serve her life goals. Inspired by a recent trip to New York’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular and five years of acting in the Roving Historical Theater, piano lessons, and local art contests, Olivia embraces cultural and artistic relevance.

A voracious reader, Olivia describes herself as outgoing, sensible, competitive and strong-headed,  Her parents are pleased that she lives up to her given names: Olivia, the fruitful one; Danielle, a channel of divine justice, Achieng, born in the brightness of day.


In 2009, Olivia entered the National American Miss Pageant. Though she was only six, she expressed a desire to use the prize money to provide for the many orphans she had met in her mother’s home near Kisumu, Kenya. Her father encouraged her to ponder her vision for at least two years to ensure that her vision was not just a childish whim. Olivia’s dream grew, along with her determination. She began to develop a her plan for an orphanage that will provide loving nurture, living space, sanitary water, food and clothing to orphans in the name of Jesus, blessing widows with an opportunity to staff the local organization.

On December 1, 2010, Olivia presented her growing plan to the Prime Minister of Kenya, the Honorable ​Mr. Raila “Jakom” Odinga, who instructed her to expand specific details and create a funding plan. Olivia estimates that the total cost for all housing, school, and medical facilities will be  $500,000 (American currency), including water wells, septic, construction, furnishing and safety provisions. Donations will also play a key role in funding. Olivia has donated a house, the advance inheritance from her ​father, which provides $35,000 as a foundation for her vision. Mr. Raila Odinga has committed to join with her in the Kenyan spirit of HARAMBEE!

The orphanage will host 100 children in several large modern housing units, with running water, kitchen and dining facilities, library, clothing supply, medical clinic, offices, conference hall. The chapel will also serve as a gymnasium.  A playground, a small pond and gazebos will adorn the compound as well. The medical clinic will provide essential  care for orphans as well as people in the community, with a professional registered nurse available full time. Olivia reports that teachers are already available for the educational piece, and hopes the orphanage will be able to engage more qualified educators to teach through 12th grade. Adult staff will include widows, who will enjoy the same life and growth opportunities and privileges as the children they care for.  At Olivia’s orphanage people will experience God’s powerful love in a safe healthy place.

To help Olivia help the people of Kenya, please give us a call at (570) 924-4484 or email us at our contact page. Thank you!

“Meeting Real Needs of Real People”

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