Read the detailed report below of what we accomplished in our Mission 2015.  Read about the challenges we faced, and the rewards of overcoming them.

Kenya Mission:

July 30, 2015-August 10, 2015


EM3 International partners with Kenyan healthcare providers to meet the medical needs of people in Nyakach, Kenya.

2015 Mission Report – Medical Camp

From the President of EM3I: Phenny Magann

8 August 2015


2015 was a year of great challenge and Faith building for EM3 International Mission. We started recruiting Medical and non-medical volunteers in the middle of 2014, when the height of the Ebola crisis hits West Africa and we saw volunteers withdrawal from the trip for fear of contracting Ebola (regardless of the distance between Kenya and West Africa). We still took safety precautions even though Kenya {East-Africa} and West Africa are far apart as the distance between London and America.


As months turned into days without U.S. volunteers, we turned our focus and concentrated on Kenyan medical volunteers and by April 2015 we had a team put together. Then, our biggest setback came when Pharmaceuticals released new regulations which deterred us from sourcing supplies. As of May 2015, in order to receive donated medicine, we were required to have a licensed M.D travelling on the team to accompany and to dispense during clinics and submit a written report in the end. Three months prior to the trip a lot of planning, phone calls and meetings took place in the U.S and Kenya and what seemed impossible became possible with God.  A lot of prayers and search for Doctors went out and, in the end, God opened all closed doors and made a way for us to purchase all our supplies in Kenya.

At the arrival of the Logistics Team on July 23, Our Kenyan support helped arrange meetings, make final connections and phone calls for the team to acquire medication for the six day clinic that was to start on August 3rd .  With the support of KEMSA (Kenya Medical Supply Agency) we were able to obtain medication through Alpha Medical Manufactures  Limited [KINGS] to treat 3,500 people in the clinics.

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As an organization, we all experienced God’s favor and are blessed and thankful to the Lord for opening  these new doors for us . We look forward on continued building of strong relationships as we work together with these two suppliers (KEMSA and Alpha Pharmaceuticals).


Oyuma Dispensary:  The Medical Team arrived in Kendu Bay on the morning of August 3rd. to begin the two day medical clinic in this village. And again, with help from Erastus and his family, the village supplied an outdoor tent area for the team to treat the villagers.  We had a local pastor open the clinics in prayer. This place had variety of medical problems; a number of patients had hypertension, malaria, abdominal pains. There was a lady with a thorn stuck in the eye for three weeks.  She got a phone call from her husband to come to us, two and a half hours away, next day she arrived. We could only deal with the pain and infection, with the eye ointment very handy in the case. Our eye doctors did not have the right equipment to pull out the thorn, so another referral was made to seek help in the City.  Another crisis was a young girl pushed off the moving vehicle and got hit by a hit and run matatu.


Andingo  OPanga:  This was clinic ‘day three’. A lot of patients were having  different problems , ranging from bacterial infections to viral, fungal and malaria . There were also a lot of hypertension cases this time around compared to the same time last year.   We experienced a four year old that could not sit, talk or walk that was brought to us for treatment.  He had a developmental disability to which the loved ones had limited knowledge of. We did what needed to be done at the moment and made a referral.



Nyamarimba:   The largest clinics for days four and five.  The first day of clinic was dedicated to school children and a large number of adults turned out as well.  We treated all of them and none were turned away sick. A lot of children had malaria and body pains and a few nutritional cases. In the adults some dehydration, abdominal Pains, eye and vision problems, hearing problems, Chest pains, diabetes, nutrition, malaria, hypertension and topical diseases were their struggles. There were other cases presented as well as those who sought care for wounds,   one of which was a follow up case from our 2014 mission. Amazingly enough, the leg wound had gotten larger and deeper to his knee.  Some were  motorcycle related accidents, a gentleman arrived in the clinic with fresh wounds all over him from a motorcycle knockdown, dragged, pulled and  thrown into a ditch.


On Friday in the middle of clinic, there was a commotion outside the pharmacy as a lady with little children became restless when she received a phone call that her dead brother-in-law had appeared outside her house and talked to one of her children.  Surprisingly she wanted to know what the dead man said and wanted, but was told the kid could no longer speak.  We had to take authority and dominion over principalities of darkness, rendering them powerless under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

(Ephesians 6)


Daima Orphans:  Our final clinic day we treated a local orphanage and nearby neighbors. They were grateful to have our team take time to treat them amidst their struggles.  Just like anybody else, they suffer from all kind of diseases. Body aches, malaria, viral, bacterial and topical just to name a few. Young and old alike!!!



This year we had only one General Practitioner prescribing and making most referrals , which was a little overwhelming at some clinics.  At each clinic, our Optometrists provided eye exams and made referrals. The Dentist checked the teeth and offered pain medicine where necessary. We did not have dental equipment to serve all their needs. This year the team was mostly made up of Kenyans; we had 1 general practitioner, 2 optometrists , 1 Dentist , 1 Pharmacist, 1 Student Nurse and 1 American Vocational Nurse. Two of our team members were from Uganda (Mulago Mission Hospital), where they practice.



Meeting Real Needs of Real People 


Phenny Magann


Report of 2015 August Medical Mission

From the Kenya Field Director: Charles Oloo

8 August 2015


We had a successful medical camp that was conducted in two different counties – Kisumu and Homabay, over six days. The various locations that the outreach was conducted are namely:


Day 1 & 2- Oyuma (Kindu Bay) Dispensary: ~330 patients

Day 3- Andingo Panga Dispensary: ~184 patients

Day 4 & 5- Nyamarimba Health Center: ~608 patients + 400 school age students

Day 6- Daima Orphanage-125 & Pop Onditi policemen/policewomen-


During the medical outreach we had several people who had various diseases ranging from malaria, bacterial infection, hypertension and diabetic patients, fungal infections, enteric infections, wounds, eye cataracts, bacterial coquet units as well as dental diseases.


We managed to treat the patients as well as giving them hope for life.

In conclusion, in order to avert the various epidemics in this area, urgent measures need to be taken to address the issue of water shortage, that is a major cause of diseases affecting  the people. Also more needs to be done in terms of cataract surgeries as well as dental care. We greatly appreciate the team of doctors as well as nonmedical volunteers who dedicated their time and life in giving back services to the community. In addition to that we greatly thank EM3 President, Phenny Magann, for their support and donations for the medical camp.




Dr Charles Omondi

Kenya Medical Field Director.

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