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Kenya Mission:

February 21, 2014-March 4, 2014

EM3 Mission 2014

EM3 International partners with Kenyan healthcare providers to meet the medical needs of people in Nyakach, Kenya.


2014 Medical Mission Report


The 2014 mission had several challenges that Jesus saw us through. We opened our first Medical Camp with the Kenyan Government meeting us at the facility where we were to hold the camp. The Village came out in support of our efforts and we were allowed to continue our
mission with minimal delays.

Clinically the Medical Volunteers saw different conditions and traumas in all the different villages including for the first time in our Medical Camps we had the honor of having an Ophthalmologist join us to treat Villager’s eye issues. Our Volunteers saw a surprisingly abundant amount of people with Hypertensive issues. We also saw a huge need for Health Education in the Villages. Parents would send their children to the Medical Camp and tell us their symptoms. There were several Trauma cases that we brought to us in camp. We saw Necrotic leg wounds, foreign objects lodged in eyes, and a infant having a reaction to a vaccination that was being untreated by the Local Practitioners.

As you can see there was not just one condition or disease that was prominent, but rather an over whelming need for Health and Wellness Education. It was very clear that the Villagers really needed to be educated on Health. What it means to be Healthy, how to take medications, when to go see their Practitioners. While in many situation the accessibility too quality healthcare is minimal, the knowledge of what to do to take control of their own Healthcare on an individual bases.

It became clear that Health Education is needed with not only to communities, but also with the local Medical Staff. Simple things such as sanitation and how disease is spread to learning to use what you have in stock even if it may not be intended for that purpose. With the increasing need for Healthcare worker in the countryside it is hard for the staff to update their skill and learn new skills since they are often times overwhelmed with day to day tasks. To aid these people further after our camps have ended we need to look at educating the Practitioners and Nursing staff so that they feel included in the work that we are doing and that we truly are there to help them long after we have gone back to our homes.


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