Hi my name is Jason and this is my story. I was born in Kenya Africa and had a very good start of childhood, but unfortunately it was cut short when I lost my parents, as I was barely 11 years old. Believe me this is the point of life where I became an adult. After my parents death I lived with different people and always wished I would have been a little older.

I was frustrated by different people I lived with and the major frustration being my aunt. She happened to be very close friends with my mom before my mom died. I always thought I would be comfortable in the house but that wasn’t the case. I lived a very sad childhood life or at least my teenage years. I was always in and out of school but managed to catch up the times I had the chance. Thank God I completed high school and went to college. I would sometimes just sit on the couch all night without sleep, just talking to my mom wishing she would wake up and hold me, but no it was impossible.

My aunt’s children would call me names like, “stranger” or “someone from nowhere”, which drove me to depression. At one time I thought I had a solution to all and end all there. So one day I was walking along the highway when I saw this truck approaching. I closed my eyes and walked right into the road. To this date, I still ask myself how and why it didn’t run me over? That is when my faith in God strengthened and I turned to Him, because right now I could have been dead or in a wheelchair somewhere. Instead I’m here telling my story. It is the first time I had to share my story after a wonderful talk with a very special lady. Her name is Mrs. Phenny Magann.

They say things happen for a reason. My life has been an extremely sad one, in that everything I desire to have, from the age of 12 years, I have to sweat for it. The Kenyan government was always only talking of children orphaned by AIDS, but I was orphaned by accident, so did that make me less of an orphan? I don’t understand. All in all I am glad God saved me from the depression and sadness and even though I am still chasing my dreams, at least I have faith in Him. I denied myself so much, just to complete my college studies and I know I will complete because I am somewhere.

What hurts me the most right now is that my dear aunty is stealing money from a business that was meant for me, but I know someday she’ll come to realize how wrong it is. My extended family is almost wiped out, due to battle for riches and assets that my grandpa left. I always told myself that I wasn’t gonna get into war with anyone in the family just to inherit anything and that’s why my aunty is getting money from a source that was and is rightfully mine. I let God fight the battle for it belongs to Him.

Being an orphan is a very big challenge and believe me it has made me have different life experiences. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet a group from USA who were treating and giving medicine for free to the community and so I was moved by it and even became like a part of it. I’m happy I helped in the packing of medicine and all that. They made me realize that there’s always someone somewhere who cares and I think I really do care.

A wise man said that life knocks everyone to the ground, but it’s up to you to get up. I chose to get up, wipe the dirt of my shirt, and move on! In Matthew it says ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. I’ve done all that and thanks to the most high, I’ve seen changes in my life. I’ve chosen to try as much as possible to forgive others as I would expect them to forgive me. I have a challenge & a message to parents that “it’s not only about giving your children the best lives, but making sure you invest in order for them to have a better future even when you are gone.

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