Below is a list of clinic and medical supplies that will be used during EM3 International’s Kenya 2015 mission. If you or someone you know would be willing to donate any of these items please let us know.  Arranging this connection will make a wonderful difference in the lives of many!

Click here to print the EM3 International Clinical / Medical Supplies Wish List.

Blood Pressure Cuffs -adult and pediatric
Otoscopes -battery operated,with disposable tips -adult & pediatric
Opthalmoscope -battery operated
Thermometers  -battery operated, with disposable tips
Vaginal speculum, disposable
Oxygen Saturation Equipment Pulse Oximetry -battery operated
DopplerMachine -battery operated
Ultrasound Gel
Batteries for each medical device
Alcohol prep pads
Bandages – elastic and sterile gauze
Non sterile gloves
Hand sanitizer
Baby wipes
Note pads to document triage for patients
Snack Size ziplock bags for distributing medications
Gallon Size ziplock bags for separating medications
Paper lunch bags for separating medications
Plastic medicine cups for distribution of worm medication/pediatric antibiotics
Garbage bags
Pill cutters
Walkie talkies
Small flashlights
Batteries for walkie talkies and flashlights
Graduated bottles plastic
Permanent markers
Mammogram machine
Ultrasound machine
MRI machine


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