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WHO: We are a team of medical and support professionals from the United States and Kenya providing medical clinics and water wells in the Nyanza region with special emphasis on serving widows and orphans. We focus our efforts on the people in Nyakach, a medically deprived area of the Nyanza region that has severely restricted access to treatment and resources.
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WHAT: We provide free basic medical care to the rural population of the Nyanza region of Kenya each year. Also, because medical professionals have identified polluted water as a primary source of many diseases in this region, we are expanding access to clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and household cleaning.
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WHERE: Nyakach is a local constituency in the Nyanza region of Western Kenya near Lake Victoria. From Nyakach, we serve surrounding constituencies as resources permit.
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WHEN: Annually in July/August. Mission trip dates include air travel to and from the United States.
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HOW: We provide mobile medical clinics within the Nyanza region, serving 2-6 thousand patients. A diversified team of doctors and dentists with a support staff of nurses, pharmacists and other non-medical personnel offer assessment, treatment, referrals, plus medicines and other medical and dental supplies as needed. We nurture the relationships forged during our mission trips to develop and maintain a permanent medical network.
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Please contact us to donate, volunteer your time, inquire about the medical mission trip, or have your organization partner with our mission.

A Medical Mission to Kenya for Medical Relief

EM3 International promotes the well being, health and happiness of Kenyan communities with a comprehensive medical mission designed to bring relief and treatment to areas where it is most needed. Our Mission provides immediate diagnosis and treatment for hundreds of patients daily. It drills water wells to expand access to clean water.

EM3 International increases access to knowledge and medical care to these communities by establishing long term relationships within the communities to continue wellness training and routine treatment in the region. Our ultimate goal is to develop permanent access to clean water, medical care and preventive education.

EM3 International provides general medical care, with specialized services as resources permit.  Our medical staff values diversity, and there are many opportunities open and available for specialized medical and support staff. Your specialty can become an integral part of this mission.

EM3 International is able to help because of your generous help! We value the partnerships we have made within the medical communities of the United States and Kenya. The generous donations of pharmaceutical companies have extended our mission resources. The cooperation of the Kenyan community and government have been vital to our success.   Each of you help us empower and bring life and health where it is so needed.

EM3 International is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide medical relief where it is needed most. In addition to providing critical medical care, we help set up infrastructure for continual advancement in health services for the areas we visit. Our charitable mission provides immediate relief, and helps the continuance of care and education that is needed to sustain the long term benefits of the mission.

Please contact us to donate, volunteer your time, inquire about the medical mission trip, or have your organization partner with our mission.

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